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The Conflagration at the Paper Observatory

Second Life artist Haveit Neox’s Paper Observatory was a complex installation, and slum writer and photographer JMB Balogh visited multiple times during its tenure at LEA. Many bloggers wrote about it, including Quan Lavender. Jo couldn’t resist capturing the fiery end of the Paper Observatory, and here are the pictures she took of that amazing event.


Umbrellas are not much protection in this situation.

By JMB Balogh.

On January 31, the  Interim Projects on the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) sims came to an end. The various artists who took part took down their installations to make way for the new artists who have been granted one of the sims for the next five months. The most spectacular dismantling was by Haveit Neox, who set fire to his wonderfully creative build on LEA21. The Paper Observatory was enjoyed by so many people during the month of January.


About twenty of us gathered on a corner of the sim to watch the spectacle, and for once I used the region’s Windlight settings. The images I captured are raw, except for cropping.


The citizens go about their business despite the danger.

I thought the demolition of the Paper Obersevatory was planned as a public spectacle, but it seems not.  Haveit tells the full story of it here.


A well-edited video would do more justice to the event, since the flames flickered and parts of the building collapsed at various times.  But even the still images give you an idea of how impressive the moment was and what a pleasure it was to attend, even if I felt rather sad to see the installation disappear.


The Inferno.

For slum magazine.


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