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7 Things I Love about Second Life! Um, Really.

By Buttercup Thursday.

The challenge was offered: For a change, could I write about something I really like about Second Life instead of gripe about the things that make me annoyed and angry? Sure I can! I love it when my editor challenges me. I also love it when she doesn’t. But since my New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to my editor, here, in no particular order, is a list of my favourite things…

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1. I LOVE it when shops have posters of avatars wearing the clothing or using the device for sale. As opposed to just a virtual hanger with a virtual lump of fabric on it. Or a box containing the device that gives no indication of scale. Have you ever bought a blouse thinking it was a dress? Capris thinking they were full length pants? A Hummer MV which turned out to be a tinker toy? A slick ladies’ revolver for your pocket that turns out to be the size of your torso? My, um, friend has done all those things. That is why she, and I, LOVE posters or ads that show the avatar with the item.

2. I LOVE it when Linden Lab listens to the concerns, suggestions, and other feedback from Second Life residents who actually populate the world. They hardly ever do that. In fact, I can’t actually recall a time, but I’m sure there must be one. And when they listen, wow! Love, love, love.

3. I LOVE it when I read fresh comments about Second Life in media outside our world, like magazines and blogs. You know, something original or halfway knowledgeable about this (by many standards) highly successful, resident-created virtual world. “Wow, is Second Life still around?”, “What a bunch of pathetic losers” and “What a bunch of pathetic perverts” are comments I would not list under “Fresh”, when the commenters have probably never explored Second Life, or if they did, they liked it too much and looked too hard for naked women, in which case they are projecting, and the comments are really boring and irritating. I so LOVE when they don’t do that!

4. I LOVE reading interesting profiles, by people who have actually taken the time to introduce themselves to me, a profile surfer! While I have no love for the skimpy profile, that says things like “Ask me” (you lazy, lazy scamp, you!), the only thing worse than a blank profile is, well, nothing. But thank you, blank profile-maker, for identifying yourself as someone I don’t really want to know!

5. I LOVE when everything rezzes smoothly in Second Life. Oh, the joy I feel the moment I teleport to a wonderful environment full of friends, and there they all are, in their resplendent virtual glory, and not grey blobs, except for naked breasts waiting for mesh, or mesh horizontally and horribly dissecting the avatar, even when I log on from a powerful machine with a high-end graphics card! I LOVE the idea that LL is working on solving this kind of basic problem, instead of devoting themselves to unpopular, trivial or irrelevant projects relating to Second Life. I LOVE that idea so much!

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6. I LOVE the musicians of Second Life, and the people who tip them. No, I really do. Musicians are professionals who often go to great expense to perform live, and perfect the experience for the listener. I’m not quite as fond of the singers who suddenly transfer their questionable Karaoke skills into SL venues, especially when they are not particularly charismatic or on-key, but hey! We need more musicians in Second Life, because I LOVE them!

7. I LOVE ballrooms. Oh, I could go on and on about how much I love dressing up and going to ballrooms on my own. There are so many things to love about ballrooms! For starters, you can meet a fascinating cross section of Second Life residents… from the shy to the outright rude, all in one place. Even if you are not a Rod Bublé fan, you can still enjoy an hour or so of trimming your inventory or checking email while you stand alone, once you have finished an enjoyable round of profile-surfing. Surrounded by serious avatars, in a void empty of chat, you might suspect the people standing and not dancing are inventory-tending just like you, because no one is talking or asking anyone to dance, except for the the pervs. I love ballrooms so much I am going to one RIGHT NOW!


Oh, there are actually eight things I love:

8. I LOVE that I have finished this post!

For slum magazine.


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