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“Where have you been?” Rose Borchovski asks RL Artists, in Drax Files Episode 14

By Cat Boccaccio.

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Rose Borchovski is one of Second Life’s most imaginative, fearless and accomplished artists, and I was thrilled to learn she is the subject of the 14th instalment of Draxtor Despres’ Drax Files: World Makers.

TDF E14 1

She has completely embraced Second Life as a medium for her art and vision. When you visit one of Ms Borchovki’s immersive installations in Second Life, you forget about the frustrations of SL and Linden Lab’s tone deafness to SL residents’ concerns. Yes, massive problems still exist in our world, from the still crappy SL viewer, to the endless TOS debate, to the NSA invading our privacy.

But Rose’s elaborate installations take us to places where the potential of Second Life is paramount, and not its problems, as we are immersed in another world and another narrative.

susa-27 - 2

In this Drax Files episode you meet some of Rose’s surreal creations, like the weird and fascinating Susa Bubble. We also go behind the scenes where Rose uses SL to  construct models for complicated art installations in RL, which are multimedia feasts for visitors and patrons. But while her international exhibits are well received in RL, she admits that “in Second Life I have a much wider audience than in a museum.”

rose and drax

I’ve found Rose Borschovski to be unassuming, honest, and straightforward in Second Life, and she wonders aloud in this video why other RL artists have been so slow to see the amazing resource that Second Life can be for the creative.

The Drax Files: World Makers, Episode 14:

Currently, you can visit Rose’s The Inevitibility of Fate in SL. What are you waiting for?

Also watch Flufee’s machinima of Rose’s The Arrival.
Read Jami Mills’ interview with Rose Borchevski.

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