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Carnival Discardia: Scottius’ Side Show Assemblage

By Cat Boccaccio.

Rummaging through junk shops is what Scott Rolfe (Scottius Polke in Second Life) does. He’s in search of hidden gems from among the heaps of unwanted junk and transforms discarded old mailboxes, typewriter parts, small hardware bits and bobs, springs and buttons and knobs into quirky, intriguing, and sometimes beautiful creations called assemblages.

One of his recent assemblage collections is called Carnival Discardia, a theme that seems to particularly suit Mr Rolfe’s humorous and slightly sinister imagination. It is fun to watch Scott, on his blog, assemble these side show creations.

Matilda the Moustachioed Lady

matilda parts

Her shadowbox display case is made from an old roll-top CD case, a candelabra light, the inside lining of a hard cover book, and an ornate metal strip from the side of an old tray. Matilda herself is composed of typewriter parts, a leftover twirly bit of wire for her handlebar moustache, and a jello mold pompadour. The box was painted a bright red.


The 15” x 7” x 7” box was given a fresh stripe of yellow on the cover, which slides open and closed. Scott cleaned up and painted some very old antibiotic medicine vials to decorate Matilda’s stage, changed the light to a soft yellow… and voilà!

Arvin the Amazing

arvin partsArvin is named after the reclaimed “vintage” space heater, which was given a coat of carnival red and gold paint, a bike gear was mounted in the back, and a newel found for Arvin’s head. Scott managed to squeeze a double light inside the top of the shadowbox. Arvin is a “fortune teller gone haywire” and spits out strips of numbers, which Scott cut from an old calendar he had lying around.

arvinScott took a drill and dremel and carved out the eyes, mouth, and nasal cavities, then used blue marbles for eyeballs and a spring for Arvin’s teeth. The red and yellow lights contribute to that odd atmosphere Scott was aiming for.

The Trypoddity

tripod parts

This little fellow was inspired by an H.G. Wells’ creature, with a stairway newel as a head and a kerosene light part as the body. A fishing reel is adapted to be a helmet of sorts. The case is a 15 x 9 x 6 jewellery box, which Scott gutted and added some ornate medal trim, before a fresh paint job. He fiddled with the lighting (even went to Facebook friends for a poll) and decided on a 3-way light system, for yellow alone, blue alone, or yellow and blue together.

tripodThe strange little creature needed grounding in his shadowbox, so three doorknobs were turned upside down, drilled through, and used as pseudopods of sorts. Click on the lights and the Trypoddity is there, in all its colorful glory.

There are other ingenious assemblages in the Carnival Discardia collection, including Death and the Knife Thrower, The Funhouse (which really doesn’t look all that much fun), Mouli the Magnificent, and Killing Time.

  • If you are lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, you can vist Scott’s Carnival Discordia in 3D, touchable (though you probably shouldn’t touch) reality. Opening event is Saturday, November 2. Click here for more information!
  • In Second Life, Scottius’ Funhouse is part of Moving Islands {Rafts] collective project at LEA20, open now.
  • Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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