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Ingenuity and Enterprise — Only in Second Life! Drax Files Episode 11

By Cat Boccaccio.

df dwarfins village

I have never delved into the world of breedables in Second Life (unless you call a hungry plant that died, a breedable), but I know a meeroo when I see one and have stumbled upon stables of magically-hued horses, their statistics hovering nearby. I am aware that collecting, mating, buying, and selling of these creatures is hugely popular in Second Life, and that there is real money to be made. Draxtor Despres, in the 11th episode of his World Makers video series, takes us behind the scenes with the creators of a truly unique world within a world, and introduces us to the breedable, lovable, dwarfy Dwarfins.

Dwarfins are little scripted creatures who read, mine, eat, and sleep. They spontaneously build, they apparently dance, and they engage in all manner of rustic Dwarfin activities programmed into their chubby selves by Dwarfin genetics. When passion strikes (or when a male and female both reach energy levels of 100%) a new Dwarfin, in the form a Birthrock, is created, and the parents lovingly welcome their offspring into the world by carving the block of stone until the new life is revealed. It gives new meaning to the phrase “chip off the old block”. (I am so, so sorry.)

df dwarfins garden

Some genetic traits are rarer and more valuable than others so you, as god of all things Dwarfin, seek out likely partnerships from among the creatures in your village; or you can purchase a promising partner on Marketplace  (or L$1408 will get you a breedable pair, plus food for a week) and on auction.

American Dante Spectre, who is a programmer by day and a programmer by night, his partner Judy Chestnut, and artist Jaimie Hancroft are the ingenious, hard-working creators behind this successful empire, where, Mr Spectre tells us, everything is made from scratch. “The environments, the animations, the objects, the wearable avatars, everything is hand-made,” he says.

df dwarfins rl pic

Second Life is the ideal platform for their creativity. Judy points out that she never would have met Belgian designer Jaimie– there would have never been this collaboration– if not for Second Life.

“Before Second Life, how could you have done what you can do now?” Dante asks. “Was there any platform, any way of getting this done?”

“I am in debt to SL for giving me an outlet. Yes, it may not be for people with a short attention span, but it is perfect for creative people.”

For slum magazine.

Featured image courtesy of Draxtor Despres.


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2 comments on “Ingenuity and Enterprise — Only in Second Life! Drax Files Episode 11

  1. Bernhard Drax
    September 20, 2013

    Dwarves making babies? That is…..ahhhh…well…mmmhhhhh :)/


  2. Osprey Therian
    September 20, 2013

    Very nice article, and fabulous Drax episode 🙂


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