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When will Second Life go Mobile?

By Cat Boccaccio.

beach with mac

I’ve got a serious case of ‘Droid envy.

My PC desktop runs Second Life very nicely, with the main glitches, as always, shared between SL’s instability and my crappy ISP. My desktop is located in my office, a little last-minute room tucked in one end of the house, painted dark blue, with the wood shutters on the window mostly closed. It’s a dim room, a cubby-hole of a room, a pocket, a quiet stuffy womb. It’s an office.

How many of us “play” Second Life at our desktops in slightly darkened rooms in slightly isolated locations? Granted, many of us sneak a visit to SL from computers at the workplace. There are also dedicated gamers with fat powerful laptops. But I, and many of us, log on from our dreary home computer room. It’s time for a revolution!

I want to slip online while sitting on the patio with a cool drink, or in a cosy room that is part of the actual house, in a comfy recliner (as I am now,  writing on my shiny beautiful Mac Air; and no, I won’t stop bragging about my new Mac).

It is possible to run Second Life on my shiny new Mac. But it starts groaning and burning up and the battery numbers start dropping… altogether a somewhat frightening experience. My Mac doesn’t want to run SL. Mac is currently that serious friend who never watches TV, except for documentaries, thinks 50 Shades of Grey is a book about the elderly, loves heirloom tomatoes, and shuns hipsters. Mac doesn’t want to play. But our relationship is new, and Mac will come to love the things I do, I’m sure. And when he does, will Second Life be ready?

ipad in Berlin

In 1920s Berlin with my iPad

My iPad wants to play. That’s what me and my iPad do… we play Angry Birds (still!), and visit celebrity gossip sites, check out Jezebel, read trashy novels and load up on funky, useless new apps. We are happily chunky from all the apps we ingest. My iPad has been to Second Life and loves that crazy place, even though it has never actually seen Second Life, because the only decent app available for fiddling around in SL is Pocket Metaverse, which while pleasantly functional, is not immersive.

Lumiya is immersive.  You can carry SL around in your pocket or purse with Lumiya. You can log in on the bus. Or while in class. Or on the beach. Go ahead and TP around, meet your friends, wear mesh, rez your yacht; and as I learned over at New World Notes, Lumiya now supports Windlight. Lumiya, created by Alina Lyvette, allows you to have a 3-D SL adventure, even if it is not quite the big screen experience. You can log in to Second Life in 3-D! — if you have the Android OS on your mobile.

So me and my iPad (and one day, my Mac) have ‘Droid envy. I’ve never really met Android, but Android sounds like a fun OS.

Some suspect that the age dynamic of Second Life is skewed towards the older user because of the trend to mobile computing. Kids don’t bother with desktops. They travel with their tablets or tiny laptops, oblivious to the awesomeness that is virtual reality (or any reality, it sometimes seems). Well I don’t necessarily want to bother with my desktop, either. Freedommm!

If the brilliant Alina can do it for Android, why can’t Linden Lab do it for Apple? Or even do it for a sturdy little (shiny new) Mac? Birds do it, bees do it… when will Second Life go mobile?

Visit the Lumiya website

Visit the Pocket Metaverse website.

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8 comments on “When will Second Life go Mobile?

  1. Mona Eberhardt
    September 11, 2013

    Currently, a huge number of mobile devices is barely capable of running SL on Lumiya without windlight. Much work needs to be done and, personally, I think the Lumiya project needs to be bolstered by at least two more developers. There are some caveats, though: the processing power of most mobile devices is pathetic, and a great deal of the in-world content is not optimised for performance. You see all sorts of tiny objects having around five 1024×1024 textures each (even though no amount of zooming into the object justifies such high-resolution textures), thus making downloading and rendering a huge task for the server, the network and the computer being used. If these things cause lag on desktops, imagine what it’s going to be like on feeble machines like tablets and smartphones.


  2. Mark Bravard
    September 11, 2013

    Visit the Lumiya website , still good


  3. slummagazine
    September 11, 2013

    Apps seem to be developed faster than we can keep up. Almost seems like a conspiracy. 🙂



  4. Thomas Scott
    September 13, 2013

    Cat, I’ve had some luck with “running” SL on my iPad by using the Splashtop app connecting to my home Mac remotely. I launch Firestorm from there with my fast cable modem and see the whole screen sent to my iPad. It takes a little getting used to maneuvering around using the Splashtop controls, but once you get the hang of it it does a pretty passable job! And I’m on a crappy local ISP, too.

    p.s.; just discovered your gallery today… *amazing*!


    • slummagazine
      September 16, 2013

      Thomas, I actually have Splashtop, but it’s on iPad 1 so it doesn’t work well. I will give it a try on my Mac to PC. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂



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  6. Bay Sweetwater
    September 22, 2013

    Here’s my video playing Second Life on the iPad4 via Splashtop – lots of fun!


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