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“Our dreams are a second life.” ~Gerard de Nerval

Second Life, Summer, and Summer Holidays: Musings from the Editor (and slum is back!)

By Cat Boccaccio.

Slum magazine took a summer vacation… it went fishing, relaxed on the beach, played bocce on a bumpy lawn, was dinner for the mosquitoes, stayed up too late, sipped gin and tonic. Most of us take a break from Second Life at some stage. We go on holiday, either physically or on holiday from being constantly “connected”. Or someone or something in Second Life upsets us or pisses us off, and we log out forever, or maybe just for a few hours. Sometimes the sunshine or the snow, or our kids, or our dog, or our health, draws us outside and away from the computer screen.

laptop girl

As I sit writing this (on my brand new Mac Air!), I can hear waves lapping and seagulls squawking. The real world is nice. Why, I wonder, do I bother with Second Life?

Well, the waves can wash up a dead fish. And then the dog rolls in it, and decides to take a nap on the bed. Sometimes it rains so hard you can’t see to the other side of the lake. Sometimes, at night, I feel isolated, sick of television, have finished the book, am too lazy to write or research, and long to spend easy time with friends.

Sometimes a Second Life friend is playing guitar or piano, or opening a new art exhibit, or building something strange and wonderful and wants an opinion. Sometimes I get an SOS. Time to log on, even if it is Saturday afternoon.

Things happen quickly in Second Life. Linden Lab “days” are three hours long, and “nights” are one hour long, so there are six SL days in one RL day. That’s a lot of concentrated living. Trends come and go, fame is fleeting, loves are won and lost, all in a bewildering short period of SL time. So when you come back from summer vacation, however long you have been away, things may have changed.

That is why it was so nice to be welcomed back when I logged in the other day, after my August break. It is comforting to be missed in first or Second Life. There were changes, to be sure; an SL week is a long time. Second Life tootled along quite happily without me, just as the real world does when we absent ourselves from it.

It is a balance that most of us, mostly happily, struggle to maintain. I am glad to have Second Life back in my world, head and heart.

Cat is back, and so is slum magazine. 🙂


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