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“The Second Life community gives itself a bad rap” and other observations by Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble in Drax Files Episode 7

By Cat Boccaccio.

In her entertaining video parody, artist and blogger Botgirl Questsi asked, “What if Rod was one of us?” In the latest episode of Drax Files: World Makers, Drax Despres’ keen machinima eye followed the ever humble Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble as he walked and flew among us these past few days. (Sporting his Greek philosopher avatar, “Rodvik Linden” was spotted at places like Bay City, and in a rather sleazy 1920s Berlin bar.) Like most of us, he is amazed at the creativity and “magic” of Second Life. And like many of us, he loves to visit SL as one of several alts. So the next time Harvey the rabbit invites you onto the dance floor at Junkyard, be aware!

Rabbit avatar in Second Life

This rabbit has attitude.

In Draxtor’s video, we visit the San Francisco offices of Linden Lab, home to some of LL’s 176 employees (many of them women, it appeared. Yay). Mr Humble speaks about the current “huge” effort being made to improve performance in Second Life, with changes expected to roll out in the next two quarters, and the rather exciting focus on Oculus Rift, the new 3D immersive platform.

Walking on air in SL

Walking on air in Second Life.

As usual, Draxtor impresses with lush Second Life landscapes, as the Greek philosopher visits art exhibits, carnivals, shops and seasides. “The Second Life community gives itself a bad rap,” says Mr Humble, not buying our self-directed complaints of being too negative and drama-obsessed. “It’s just not true.” He cites his positive and engaging experiences in Second Life, comparing them to other gaming communities. “I’ve only had one death threat here… That’s a step up!”

space ship

Another of Rod Humble’s alt avatars (yes, a space ship!).

He also shares his concerns about the erosion of privacy in the virtual world in general. “The ability for you to have a certain kind of identity in certain situations within Second Life is extremely empowering.”

“I’m not sure why it’s magic, but it is,” says Rod Humble. Maybe Linden Lab gets us, and this virtual world, after all?


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7 comments on ““The Second Life community gives itself a bad rap” and other observations by Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble in Drax Files Episode 7

  1. Jo Yardley
    June 3, 2013

    Here are some of the interview bits that didn’t make it into the video;


  2. Jo Yardley
    June 3, 2013

    Hey and my bar isn’t that sleazy, I mean I cleaned it 4 months ago! 😉


  3. slummagazine
    June 4, 2013

    So, uber-good!


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  5. Alexander Carlisle White
    August 26, 2013

    It will be interesting to see what comes next for Second Life in the next year. Moreover, “I want me one of them Oculus Rifts thingies :D!” It + SL = mind blown.


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