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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome… to 1920s Berlin Celebration

By Rhezz.

1920s Berlin is celebrating its 4th anniversary in Second Life with a weekend of festivities, including a Grand Ball on Friday (May 31), continuing through the weekend with a tea dance, pool party, kids’ activities and more. It is a super opportunity to visit this gritty, yet beautiful sim with it’s weathered buildings, shady nightclubs, broad cobblestone boulevards and dark alleys.

While period outfits and attitude are usually prerequisites for visiting 1920s Berlin, this Saturday is “Relaxed Rules Day”, so you can sneak in and explore the sim in your jeans and t-shirt. I would rather tour the city in some kind of style, but found myself a bit short of the Deutschmarks this month. Still, I wandered through the shops near the Berlin landing area and found two inexpensive outfits just perfect for dropping into the city’s flapper era cabarets.

Berlin station

I don’t advise anyone to linger on the tracks at the Bahnhof when you arrive in the heart of the city, but what tourist could resist taking a photo of this dank, moody, beautifully realistic train station? The black dress, with two saucy bows at the hip, hat, and necklace were all part of a welcome pack at The Millinery Shoppe, near the 1920s Berlin landing area, for L$20.

Berlin square

Then it’s time to emerge into the sunshine and roam the downtown shops and cafes, in this warm, golden-toned 20s outfit with mesh lace top and patterned skirt, wrapped in a low slung silk bow, from Cilian’gel Boutique shop near the landing area at 1920s Berlin or from Marketplace. The cloche hat (and hair) are included in the L$129 price tag.

As an interesting side note, 1920s Berlin is built to a realistic scale, to fit natural size avatars, and smaller size means more space to build, and less land impact allows for more detail. There is information at the sim landing area and you can also check out Cat’s article about natural height avatars here.

Meanwhile, what good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Come to the cabaret, old chum… or the park or the cafe or the theatre… in 1920s Berlin!



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