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Drax Files takes an Insider Look at the Animation Man

By Cat Boccaccio.

We have all heard of Motion Capture, or MoCap animations, where a presumably willing human attaches multiple devices to their body for the purposes of duplicating natural moves (to a computer program) to convert to dance and other animations. In this episode of Drax Despres’ World Makers series of machinimas, we’re drawn into the world of Brit Abramelin Wolfe and his venerable but always cutting edge inworld store, Abranimations.

snap 3 studio

I have to say I admire Mr Wolfe’s dedication (not to mention the financial commitment) to the products he sells. He and his wife create their huge variety of animations, gadgets and toys, including novelty avatars, from their home in Edinburgh. We get a peek into the optical motion capture studio and a glimpse of Ms Wolfe industriously creating her “Patch Pig” avatar.

snap 12 pig

If longevity equals success, Abranimations is doing a booming business. It was the place I purchased my very first dance eons ago, called “Dance Floor Seduction”, a snaky little item that I still play with. And there was a freebie board, where I think I scored a pair of ice skates and snowball throwing animation (yes, and they are still there!). Ah, memories.

snap 1 the shop

Commerce is important, but like most who have successfully immersed themselves in Second Life, there are other, more deeply felt attractions for Abramelin – one is that it is just “fun”, but there is also his ongoing awe of the place. Second Life as a home to the imagination.

“Second Life for me is mostly about creativity… and seeing other people’s creations. There’s nothing I love more than occasionally flying onto mainland and seeing the stuff people have made. Some of it is beautiful, some of it is just strange.”

As usual, Draxtor captures both the beautiful and the strange, in the 6th episode of The Drax Files:


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5 comments on “Drax Files takes an Insider Look at the Animation Man

  1. thesecretrage
    May 23, 2013

    Am loving the “behind the avatar” series Drax has started~ I hope there will be many more 😀


  2. Zachh Barkley
    May 23, 2013

    Fantastic! Abranimations has been around for years, it’s nice to get some insight on it. Great vid/interview as usual, Drax!


  3. TJ
    May 23, 2013

    it’s a good idea. getting to know some of the ppl who are behind the avatars that help make SL go is a ‘good thing’. 🙂


  4. Daniel Voyager
    May 27, 2013

    Great series so far and cant wait to see what comes next. 😀

    Please could you add my blog to your blog list on the right. Thanks! 🙂


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