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Drax Files takes on Engrama: “Who says what is real?”

By Cat Boccaccio.

drax 1

Did you ever suspect that everyone in Second Life (except you) is “socially awkward” and probably lives in Mom’s basement? Draxtor Despres, in another truly beautiful video, lays that myth to rest once and for all, with his profile of Engrama, a musical duo (comprised of Pupito Helstein and Lakua Arriaga) who are cool and compelling in both worlds. Happy to reach a wider international audience, Engrama embraces Second Life on every level.

drax 3

“We live with second life, we eat with second life,” Pupito says in the video. They share a pretty amazing commitment to SL, and find Facebook and Twitter “boring” by comparison. Their passions are Second Life and their music, and so it seems natural that Drax, our Second Life neo-historian, would choose them as subjects for the latest of his Drax Files: World Makers series.

drax 4

Ever wonder how musicians connect with Second Life as they perform? Are they engaged? Engrama is completely involved, they watch and listen and engage as if the audience was real. “They are real,” says Lakua (above).

And after all, “who says what is real and what is not real?”

Enjoy the video, and thank you Draxtor!


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5 comments on “Drax Files takes on Engrama: “Who says what is real?”

  1. Bernhard Drax
    May 3, 2013

    Thank you so much Cat for this post! I would add that avatars are REAL – extensions of ourselves and sometimes [especially with mesh eyes] they seem more real than half-asleep worker bees I might at the bus stop in the morning…even the RL cigarrettes they smoke seem less lively than Pupito’s in-world brand!!!


  2. slummagazine
    May 3, 2013

    I suppose when I say “as if the audience was real” I mean real as in physically present, as opposed to avatars on the screen. Lakua plays for the avatars on the monitor in the picture above, but yes, I agree that they are as real as anything. 🙂



    • Bernhard Drax
      May 4, 2013

      I realized that with SOME members of the “uninitiated” mainstream out there [my target audience which I target with my machinima sledge hammer] cling to every little straw that confirms their pre-conceived notion of SL/VW’s being escapism and in fact ushering in enslavement via the MATRIX that I have become ultra-careful with wordage that can be mis-interpreted by them :))))


  3. garvie
    May 4, 2013

    you’re right, they don’t seem awkward at all LOL.. and they sound great. i will be watching out for them now


  4. slummagazine
    May 4, 2013

    Me too. So many great live SL musicians, like Engrama and also Stratakat, whose interview is coming up.



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