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Firestorm Major Update: V4.4 viewer now available

By Cat Boccaccio.

The new and improved –and necessary, if you want to continue to see avatars in Second Life– Firestorm viewer is now available for download from the Firestorm site. Information and links to tutorials about some of the new features of this viewer are also available on the site, and I find the tutorials accessible and informative– well worth a look. For you stubborn Phoenix users, there is also lots of info about how to transition to Firestorm as painlessly as possible. I am in the process of installing V4.4 myself, so there’s not much I can add to the announcement below (excerpted) as it appears on the Firestorm site:

Firestorm with Server Side Baking support

Not only is this a major update with loads of new features, as well as performance and stability improvements, but it is also a necessary upgrade for you if you want to be able to render avatars correctly when Linden Lab throws the switch for Server Side Baking (appearance). Because all Firestorm users will need to upgrade to this release, we have put it through unprecedented development and testing with no fewer than three levels of Quality Assurance: internal testing, Beta testing and our new Preview Group testing. We truly hope and expect this to be the best release we have ever issued. Grab the downloads from our Downloads page and enjoy!

Some of the new key features we think you will enjoy are listed below. But this is only a tiny fraction of what’s new. We will have a complete list of changes just as soon as we finish our massive change log. Check back soon for that.

Phoenix Users

We have done everything in our power to develop skin/setting combinations to make Firestorm look and act as close to the V1 interface as possible. We’ve also created a new Tutorial Video here to help you transition to Firestorm, and we have changed even more in this Firestorm release specifically for you. Once LL enables Server Side Baking on the server you will have to upgrade to a server side baking capable viewer. I hope that you will choose Firestorm, but if not, please know that there are other third party viewer options available to you on the Third Party Viewer Directory. We have honestly done everything we can to accommodate your needs as best we can, and should you decide to move to another viewer we do truly wish you the best.


Jessica Lyon and the Phoenix Firestorm Project Team


Thank you, Jessica and the Phoenix Firestorm Project Team!

All your hard work is very  much admired and appreciated!

Firestorm website.


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