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Draxtor Despres’ New Video: Fantasy Faire and How Second Life Liberates Us

By Cat Boccaccio.

If ever I was tempted to put away my dreary human form and become a magical wizard, fantasy warrior or fairy queen in Second Life, it is now, after viewing the fourth in the Drax Files series,  which takes a look at some of SL’s most accomplished creators.

Drax fantasy faire ss 5

In a five minute machinima that flies by, we are introduced to the amazing build that is Fantasy Faire. Rather, it is a collection of builds by some of Second Life’s most imaginative and talented creators.

“A user-created universe full of ingenuity and passion: that could describe Second Life at any given day,” Draxtor says, “but this long-running event is certainly a prime example of how only a virtual world can truly transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.”

Drax fantasy faire ss 2

140 merchants will also be on hand for the Faire, which runs April 20-28, with all proceeds going to the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

We meet one of the Fantasy Faire organizers, Zander Greene, who lost his father to cancer and relishes this opportunity to pay tribute to his father by staging a successful fundraiser as part of Relay for Life, with the ingenuity and wonder that is Second Life.

Drax fantasy faire ss 3

Thanks to Drax’s talent behind the camera, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the distinct virtual worlds showcased at Fantasy Faire. Zander reminds us that Second Life, in all its wonder, was created entirely by residents… every hill, every bump, every brick and lamp and road and tree, every castle and every community. And,  in this world you can be anything you want to be.

“When you come into this world and realize that how you present yourself is entirely in your hands, you presenting the best idea of yourself, there is a liberation that occurs there,” says Zander in the video.

Drax fantasy faire ss 4

After the events of the past week in RL, I think I’m ready to embrace a fantasy world where I dictate the environment in which I exist, and I create every detail of the being that I choose to present to the virtual world. Liberating, indeed.

Thanks to Zander and all the organizers of the Faire, and thanks to Draxtor for another awesome tribute to Second Life and its residents.

fantasy faire posterAbove photographs are screen captures from The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 4: Fantasy Faire/RFL]

Fantasy Faire in Second Life.

Fantasy Faire website.


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