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The Romance of the Dance: 5 Beautiful Group Gifts

By slum magazine’s frugal and intrepid shopper, Rhezz.

A single friend of mine once told me she’d gone to Frank’s SL ballroom to make an artistic and political statement (though I think she’d had one martini too many), by wearing an elaborate satin wedding dress. It had a very long, stiff lace train that knocked into people around her as she danced. A train wreck, you could say. The nice folks at Frank’s eventually asked her to rein in the train, or leave, which she did. Second Life fun!

Most of us lady types prefer to avoid the zaniness when we put on our fanciest duds and go forth to places like Frank’s. We love to hear the sound of rustling silks and satins, ogle the tuxedos, dance to dusty, romantic tunes and enter into flirtatious conversations.

I can’t help you with the tuxedos, tunes, or talk, but I have found five beautiful dresses to help you impress yourself and others! as you sway gracefully on the dance floor. And they are group gifts from some of Second Life’s most well-known (and generous) clothiers.

The unchallenged queen of group gifts is GizzA, which rewards its group members handsomely with a plaza full of  premium outfits for the group –both female and male– to sample, available right at the landing point (don’t you hate it when a group gift turns into a frustrating hunt?). Membership is free. The center dress below, feminine and elegant, is one of my favorites. Lilac in color with a satin bow, the skirt shimmers as it moves, and that shimmer combined with flash of leg and a strapless bodice, make this gown both romantic and sexy. Free on the plaza!

Formal long

On the left is Morea’s group gift for April, an ethereal, pale green, strapless dress with a full, fluid, layered skirt. Morea charges L$100 for group membership; I think it’s worth the one time fee for the quality and variety of the gifts on offer.

And on the right, proof that you don’t have to be Irish to look beautiful in green: a stunning March gift from Ydea. Check out the fresh over-layer of gold flowers and the silky fabric. Yum!

Formal doesn’t always have to mean a long gown — I think a shorter skirt, shapely gams and strappy sandals are a delicious sight just about anywhere. I love a party girl outfit for special occasions too, like weddings. Below left, another group gift from GizzA, all feathery and pink and soft, with a fabric bow at the front to tie you into a sweet, sophisticated package. On the right is the current group gift from Bliss Couture, a sassy and stylish red mesh, though only in sizes L, M, and S, so might be a tad large for some of us.

Formal short

As with all gifts from Second Life creators, don’t forget to return to the shop when you are flush and lay down some Lindens for one of their original designs.

Meanwhile, wear your freebies with pride, happy dancing, and happy shopping!

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