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The 3Bears Photography Contest Theme for April: Black and White

By Cat Boccaccio.

Here’s a way to spend a wonderful Second Life afternoon: grab your pixel camera and explore 3Bears, a sim full of galleries, cafes, shops and parkland, and enter the monthly photography contest sponsored by the 3Bears Foundation. It is a great way for new Second Life photographers to be seen, and for established SL photographers to challenge themselves! The prize includes a L$2000 purse and an opportunity to be exhibited and celebrated.

This month’s contest theme is “Black and White”, and the 3Bears team encourages artists to use black and white “to capture a mood – danger, horror, something hidden, something bright, old fashioned television, Film Noir…” and remember that photographs that reflect the “essence” of the 3Bears sims have a better chance of winning. It is a juried competition and open to anyone, and complete details are available on the website. “Black and White” entries must be submitted by April 30.

"Job Done" by Benjamin Glendale, February contest winner.

“Job Done” by Benjamin Glendale, February contest winner.

The people at 3Bears are always looking for talented artists to showcase at their beautiful Plaza Gallery; and the Competition Gallery is located in the sim’s art district. I can highly recommend a leisurely stroll through the galleries and shops at 3Bears Resort.

The resort (founded by Stefan Box, Duir Mayne and Galileo Michalski) and the 3Bears Endowment have stated goals: To encourage the creation of high-quality art and design, specifically those which interact in some way with the avatars within Second Life, and ultimately, to bring the arts closer to everybody by encouraging the creation of music, photography and sculpture for the enjoyment of all, to deepen the understanding of what art is and can be, and to foster tolerance towards all.

"Hades Rising" by Tor Rhiannyr, December, 2012 contest winner

“Hades Rising” by Tor Rhiannyr, December contest winner

Lofty goals – and I’m happy to spread the word!

3Bears Resort in Second Life.
3Bears website.

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3 comments on “The 3Bears Photography Contest Theme for April: Black and White

  1. The Running Son
    April 16, 2013

    Mmmmm beautiful images. 😉


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  3. Joseph Nussbaum
    April 28, 2013

    Thanks very much for this write-up! The April contest has been extended for a while longer until we get more entries!


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