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Cat Questionnaire: Betty Tureaud

Artist Betty Tureaud dares to answer Cat’s 14 leading questions.

betty 1 2 p

SL Date of Birth: 01/11/2007
SL activity: Artist and builder.
In-your-own-words bio: I am a space and light artist who loves to build big art installations that you can get lost in. I am best known for my use of bright colors and scripting in works. My colors come from the pre Columbian and Mexican colors.

1. What in SL has brought you the most happiness?
To find a whole new international audience for my art, and the social contact with many exciting people.

2. What has given you the most sadness?
When my first boyfriend in Second Life disappeared from the face of the earth.

3. How would you describe your home in SL?
I have my own tropical island where the sun always shines and it never rains, only when I want it to LOL. High up in the sky, I have my studio where I work every day. I have built my house many years ago. I can not tear it down and build a new one because it has so many good memories.

4. Who in SL do you admire most?
I do not have one special person I admire most, but for those who make clothes and avatars I have deep respect. Among artists I know I will not highlight one over another.

5. What character trait do you have in SL that is furthest from your RL personality?
I do not think you can leave your own character traits at home in real life when you walk in to Second Life.

6. Which character trait did you leave behind in RL?betty on white Question 5 gives the answer

7. What is your weakness when it comes to spending your Linden dollars?
Haha I know and it is completely the same as in RL, which is to buy shoes I do not wear, I have hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots.

8. What is your favorite place in Second Life, and why?
I have many favorite places, but there is a small hut which I like very much located in a large sim complex and called Gulf of Lune.

9. What scares you the most in (or about) Second Life?
To forget my login and password.

10. What is your secret pleasure in SL?
I have some and to tell them is to give them up, but I have one I can tell: I love to sneak around and take pictures.

11. What would it take to drive you out of Second Life?
I’ve been here since 2007 so some powerful forces are needed before I leave SL.

12. What one word would you use to describe the art community in SL?
Big and wonderful. Oops! This is 2 words LOL.

13. What are you most proud of in SL?
All the people who love the work I do here, and who visit my art installations.

14. If you built a sim from scratch with unlimited resources, what would it be called?
The Art Planet

Visit Betty’s installations in Second Life:

Anti-Gravity at Two Shores Gallery
UFO at Gallery Artemis
The Circuit at Danish Visions
Gallery Nomanisan Straits

Betty Tureaud on Facebook


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