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“Our dreams are a second life.” ~Gerard de Nerval

Dreams and Nightmares: Ronda Saunders’ EYEWORLD

By Buttercup Thursday.

“I’ve always dreamed of creating immersive works,” Ronda Saunders says in her exhibit notes, and after four years as an erotic/surrealist Second Life photographer, Roni is now showing her first immersive installation, called Eyeworld. You can see both the passion and the patience in this exhibit… it is beautiful, and carefully crafted. Tall mushroom-like forms grow in this dream landscape, and the strange inhabitants for whom the world was named, the eyes, dart around skittishly. It is organic, surreal, full of movement. Ronda has adapted a very large free-form installation into the confines (generous confines, but confines) of the Nitroglobus gallery space, and done a splendid job.

Tour the installation by clicking on one of the ‘shrooms, and go on a trippy flight through the exhibit, or walk the path like a civilized human being… immerse yourself happily in the rhythms of Eyeworld, or wake up screaming when the dream becomes a nightmare. I admit I easily became the immerser, and not the screamer.

eyeworld 1

You can corner Ronda, pin her to the ground, demand to know what it all means – but she won’t tell you. She works from the gut, not the brain, and insists her work has no meaning except what you, the viewer, interprets. What do I think? Well, I feel that the reductive quality of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix notates the exploration of montage elements. (Just kidding, got that from an online review generator, which I plan to exploit from now on.)

Ronda calls Eyeworld a “glimpse of a parallel reality”– this is a path many Second Life artists explore, because of the limitless possibilities of this world, and in this case the work is fresh and unpretentious, fearless but at the same time personal. Ronda the artist lives here, this is a glimpse into a slice of her own parallel reality.

eyeworld 2

My pictures don’t do Ronda’s Eyeworld justice. Visit for yourself and see if you are a dreamer or a screamer,  at the Nitroglobus Gallery, until mid -March.

Photographs above: Buttercup Thursday
Main page photograph, and below, by Ronda Saunders.

Eyeworld 7 by Ronda Saunders

For slum magazine.


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