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Can’t wait ’til Spring: The sweet fresh naturals

By slum magazine’s frugal and intrepid shopper, Rhezz.

It is just me or are there fewer and fewer skins with blood red lips and eyes rimmed in smokey blacks–and more fresh-faced, natural looking skins walking around Second Life? And is it just me or has it been a bloody long winter and I need something spring-like RIGHT NOW?

There is something truly exquisite and renewing about perfectly soft clear porcelain skin, or the soft warm blush of an English rose complexion. I have found, just for you, 4 (yes four!) such precious skins, two of them free and two of them under $L100.

Remember too that subtle skins are also ideal as bases for eye shadow or lipstick treatments, in case you do want to break out and turn your English rose self into a sexy vamp for the night.

The first two are gift skins from creators HUIT and Al Vulo (click to enlarge):huit, al vulo

All lavender innocence, Francesca (left) is a special gift skin on offer from HUIT until February 24, at its Francesca mall location. It’s a trick to find it, but go down the side  hallway to the petit mall and you’ll find it at HUIT’s little shop.  Al Vulo’s Alyss – Wonderland is the current group gift, and I love the utterly charming outdoorsy look of this skin, and the slightly parted lips.

Next, superb special offers by skin creators Glam Affair and Essences:

glam affair, essences

Oh the beautiful romantic PINK of it all! Glam Affairs special offer at The Dressing Room Fusion is this stunningly fresh Amberly – Artic Valentine skin, a steal at L$69. And if romantic tawny is more your style, the Essences skin (above right) called Thursday, here in “light rose”, is one of my favorites. Soft and warm, Thursday includes several eyebrow colors and blush tones for only L$70, and would also make a fabulous make up base. Also at The Dressing Room.

Products rotate out of The Dressing Room frequently, and gift skins are only temporarily on offer, so if any of these skins make  you crave warm sunshine and spring buds appearing in your garden, as they do me, then I advise you to hurry to pick them up while they are still available.

FYI: I am using my own shape for these photos for consistency. Mesh hair is by Red Mint (free); eyes by Amacci (free). Windlight setting is my usual: Starley.

Happy spring shopping!

For slum magazine.


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