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Cat Questionnaire: NIXX Constantine

This month, blues DJ NIXX Constantine dares to answer Cat’s 14 leading questions.

SL age: 4 Years+
SL activity: Blues DJ. Retired SL Photographer and Graphic Artist.
RL location: California
In-your-on-words bio: I love being around fun, creative people. Spinning the blues satisfies the extrovert in me, and allows me to share the genre of music I feel most passionate about with others. For many years, SL had been my primary social outlet, and becoming a DJ gave me my Mojo (my confidence and good luck).

nixx for questionnaire

1. What in SL has brought you the most happiness?
 I met Licone, my life mate, here. We met in SL, dated for over a year inworld, and partnered. Two years ago she uprooted herself from the South, and moved to be with me in California. We are happy and have a very solid relationship. Were it not for the Blues and SL, we would never have met.

2. What has given you the most sadness?
I would say the intrinsic nature of the online world. Real life, and sometimes death in the real world, so often take those who are close. Pain and suffering, specifically in online relationships, caused several close friends to abandon SL and move on. I miss a few of them, they were good friends, and we did not connect outside of SL. I have also lost more than a few friends to RL death, but their memory lives on in my heart.

3. How would you describe your home in SL?
My home is actually styled after a rooftop blues club. Licone and I have our home position set at the interior, decorated with blues posters. We spend so little time at home, that we don’t really even have furniture. It is a place to change clothes, and also to invite our friends over to listen to music and dance. It is not actually an SL club. I hold no events, but I do throw the occasional awesome party.

4. Who in SL do you admire most?
First on my list is a man I little knew, but was a great inspiration to me as a DJ. Bear Rasmuson was a beloved blues DJ who shared his incredible wealth of knowledge of the blues and blues history at every show. We lost Bear, a sad blow to the SL blues community. I also have a solid place in my heart for a select few DJs whose style I have borrowed and adapted, as well as the managers and owners of the venues where I have had the honor to play the blues.

5. What character trait do you have in SL that is furthest from your RL personality?
I try to be as honest and true to my real self as I can be. There is no intentional separation, and I freely show my RL picture in my profile. If anything, I would say being a DJ has allowed me to exhibit more confidence in SL than I have in my RL past. I feel more myself, in fact, silly as I am, and a royal dork, when I am behind the microphone. I tend to encourage myself to be “Up” and “Happy” for my audiences, even when I am not as chipper as it seems. This of course, always brings up my mood, and my audiences appreciate that quality.

6. Which character trait did you leave behind in RL?
I try to avoid drama. I have had too much of it in SL, and so I appreciate those who are calm adults, and I leave my drama out of SL, and do not associate long with those who persist with it.

7. What is your weakness when it comes to spending your Linden dollars?
I am actually quite good about my spending. I pay tier, of course, and have the expense for my DJ stream. I guess if I had a vice, it would be obtaining all the cool gizmos for my trade. When I was a SL photographer, I had all the poses and backgrounds and lighting effect doodads. As a DJ, I have group subscribers, a fancy tip jar, a mailing list system and an hud that announces the song information in local chat. But in all, I am able to sell lindens to support my RL income.

8. What is your favorite place in Second Life, and why?
The clubs where I DJ. Because of the wonderful friends and family I have met over the years.

9. What scares you the most in (or about) Second Life?
I don’t really fear anything here. But I would be sad if for some reason SL became inaccessible to me. When computer troubles hit, it is painful to miss shows, and my friends.

10. What is your secret pleasure in SL?
I guess it would have to be sneaking into SL as an alt, incognito. It is nice to get away and have no distractions.

11. What would it take to drive you out of Second Life?
RL money issues. Also, my health is only fair, and keeps me offline sometimes.

12. What one word would you use to describe the art community in SL?

13. What are you most proud of in SL?
The following I have here. I have made some great friends, some of whom now extend into RL. I believe my confidence, as well as my craft of creating varied and popular playlists have been chief in attracting such wonderful fans.

14. If you built a sim from scratch with unlimited resources, what would it be called?
Nixxy’s Bluesville. A fun urban attraction with cultural and historical significance.

Catch a NIXX set at:
Hotlanta Blues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 pm SLT.
JudyBLUES Mondays at 7 pm SLT.
Cay’s Oceanside Blues Club Tuesdays at 6 pm  SLT.

And the blues are always spinning at  Nixxy’s Rooftop Blues Bar.

For rez magazine, February, 2013.
Photographs by Cat Boccaccio.

nixx cover


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