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A Preview of the 2013 Art House

By Cat Boccaccio.

Yesterday I toured Winter Nightfire’s Art House–and couldn’t believe that this stunning Second Life home, art and furnishings could be mine (or yours) for a L$250 donation to a deserving charity. Yes, three entrants will each win this specially-designed house and all its contents, in a draw to take place on February 15. You will crave this home, once you see it. I know I do! The house is open for visitors starting Saturday, January 12, but come join me now for a look around…

art house10 exterior

I had two main first impressions: One, the art is glorious. Imagine living and playing in an environment surrounded by art by such talents as Trill, Fuschia, Milly and Timo!  (More on the artists later.)

art house 2 check rug

Second, while the art, sculpture and decor are breathtaking, this is a livable home, with comfy seating areas warmed by fireplaces, intriguing nooks and crannies and space to entertain friends– like the two splendid decks, one spacious for a crowd, the other a tempting place to share a bottle of wine with someone close. And shall I mention the bed? It is beautiful and has all the bells and whistles (and retails in Second Life for L$3000).

art house 9 lower deck

There is a dreamlike quality to the house. Ms Nightfire created a supremely inviting build and a rather perfect backdrop for the artists’ works. “This project is a real SL dream for me,” says Winter. “To be able to collaborate with so many talented makers of art from around the world in a fun installation is, to me, what SL is all about.”

art house 8 lemons and lemelon

At a manageable 132 prims, Winter says the house is the ideal size for a 4096 m2 property. The “show home” sits beachside, in a lovely wooded setting, though the fresh contemporary style would work in almost any location.

art house 6 console and window

The idea for the Art House project originally stemmed from a contest Winter and friends Fuschia Nightfire and Dulcis Taurog entered. They won and were given use of a skybox for a week. “We completely defaced it with our art,” Winter says, “leaving random sculptures lying around and laying images over each other’s work. I immediately wanted to make a house and fill it with the work of my outstanding friends here in SL, and I thought that it would be fun to support an important cause doing it.”

The cause? A.R.T.C. (Achieving Recovery Through Creativity) is a substance abuse program for both adolescents and adults. A.R.T.C. is sponsored by Preferred Family Healthcare, which is a comprehensive behavioral health non-profit organization established in 1979, providing substance abuse treatment/prevention and mental health services throughout Missouri in the US. From the website:

A.R.T.C. uses visual arts, music, and creative writing to encourage the expression of difficult emotions and provide consumers with an opportunity to explore activities that can serve as a means of healthy recreation as they strive to remain drug-free, let go of high risk behaviors and cope with difficult situations.

“I think it’s imperative that what we do here in SL stand for something outside of here,” Winter says, “and that this world is not just seen as insular. The Art house is something virtually beautiful–and we can turn this into actual materials for real kids making real art with their very real emotions, and to me that is extremely powerful.”

art house 3 shadows horse

When you arrive on the site of the Art House, you’ll get a list of the items in the house up for grabs and the names of the creators and contributors, who include Gwen Carrilon, Trill Zapatero, Luciella Lutrova, Fuschia Nightfire, Nina Camplin, Aruba De Cuir, Nathan Babcock, Samara Furse-Barzane, Rik Zwiers, Alba2 Rossini, Pitsch Parx (For UrbanizeD), Zinnia Zauber, Cat Boccaccio, Coughran Mayo, Milly Sharple, Dixmix Source, Erynlight, LeMelonRouge, Timomachos Pegasi, Tallulah Winterwolf, and Winter Nightfire.

art house 7 fireplace and chairs

After touring the house, look for the red arrows by the stage (where there will be events up until February 15) and enter the draw with your L$250 donation. There are gifts each time you donate! –and you can enter the draw as many times as you want, with each entry giving you a better chance of winning the prize.

art house 5 bed

Did I mention the bed?

Whether you have your eye on the structure, the art and sculpture, the furniture, or the whole package (as I do), you won’t find a better opportunity at such a price. And your donation will contribute to a program that directly helps real kids in desperate need. I’m definitely in! How about you?

Visit the 2013 Art House

Photographs by Cat Boccaccio.


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