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Second Life Artist Scottius Polke and his RL Æssemblage

By Cat Boccaccio.

First, a fable:

The Otter wished to create some sculptures of his forest friends, and to find materials he took a burlap sack to the scrap yard on the edge of the village. He saw a rusted pile of bolts and cogs, and was about to put one in his sack when a large black Crow, squawking loudly, swooped down and knocked the bit of metal from his hand. “This is all MINE,” said the Crow. “In this pile of junk are beautiful pieces of shiny colored glass, as beautiful as the sun. Be off with you!”

“Pieces of glass?” the Otter said. “How wonderful. May I have some to take home?”

The Crow dropped a bit of amber glass he had salvaged onto the glimmering shards he had already gathered, and said, “No, it is all mine. Be gone!”

“Please,” the Otter said. “The glass truly is as beautiful as the sun. May I just have one small piece?”

In reply the Crow squawked again, “No!”

“My friend, let me help you,” said the Otter. “If you will let me have just one small piece of beautiful, shiny glass, I will cart away a whole sackful of this useless rusted metal in my bag.”

Under the watchful eye of the Crow, the Otter filled his sack with all manner of screws and tools, and mysterious and unwanted scraps. The Crow presented him with a small piece of green glass, as from a bottle, and sent the Otter on his way.

And the Otter assembled the scraps into beautiful sculptures of his friends: bats and dragonflies, frogs and hedgehogs, and a crow with bottle green eyes, and was famous throughout the land.

And the moral of the story is: Second Life artist Scottius Polke (known for his otter avatar), AKA Scott Rolfe, is an amazing assemblage artist! His newly released book is based on twelve of Aesop’s fables, familiar stories ripe for a fresh retelling, and illustrated with his unique blend of imagination and panache.

“I bring these fables to life through the use of assemblage,” Scott says, “artwork made from a variety of materials, such as old rusty metal tools, wooden boxes, kitchen utensils, paint and whatever else I can find. In my new book Æssemblage, these ancient tales are retold through recycled materials.”

Also fascinating is the “Making of the Fables” section of the book that shows how this series came to life, as well as an essay titled, “From Aesop to Assemblage.”

The Second Life connection is part of what makes Æssemblage so appealing. I already have indulged in Gracie’s 1,000 Avatars books… and I love the idea of having real world art from a much-loved SL artist.

You can purchase Æssemblage on Etsy, for US$16. One for you and… need I remind you that Christmas is coming up? This would make an awesome gift for both adults and children.

Visit Scott Rolfe’s website and blog here. (There are also some wonderful assemblage creatures still available for sale on Scott’s site.)

UPDATE: In Second Life, Cape Able Art Gallery will be hosting Scottius’ Æssemblage exhibit this month and the opening will be Friday November 16th at 5 pm slt. I’ll be there… see you!

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One comment on “Second Life Artist Scottius Polke and his RL Æssemblage

  1. Signey
    November 15, 2012

    I am a huge fan of Scottie and have known and followed him for many years in both second life and first life. He is creative, funny and so very talented. I watched him make the jump to selling his work in first life (I plunged as well and purchased) and I continue to smile as I watch him on his journey.

    Well done Scottie, I look forward to the next chapter.


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