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10 Fun or Funky Things to Get You in the Mood for Second Life Christmas

slum magazine’s intrepid and frugal shopper, Rhezz, goes on a hunt for all things fun and silly this Christmas season.

1. Peppermint Eyes

Peppermint eyes 2

Nothing says the holiday season like candy cane swirls in your eyeballs! This freebie is from *By Snow* and is available in Marketplace, but the inworld shop is worth a look for its interesting and unique collection of reasonably priced eyes and other accessories. Skin by WoW (December group gift, L$150 to join).

2. Umbrella Tree

umbrella tree 2If you are more Charlie Brown than Donald Trump, this humble, modestly baubled umbrella tree needs you to scoop it up and take it home. Wrap your gifts in craft paper and newsprint and light a fire for warmth as you sing sad carols. Not suitable for rain protection. Available at L&K Prefabs for L$95.

3. Christmas Sneakers

snowman sneakers 3Yay! Snowmen, snowflakes or Santa himself can be with you (on your feet) wherever you go in these L$10 sneakers from CCD, on Marketplace.

4. Candy Cane Tentacles

Candy cane tentacles 2Perfect for a Christmas party in Bizarro World, these animated tentacles with their happy candy cane stripes are free on Marketplace, thanks to Xoph. Thanks, Xoph!

5. Skating Penguin

Skating_Penguin 2This animated king penguin is jolly adorable as he skates round and round in an 8m circle, spitting up ice dust as he goes. You will definitely want to join him on the ice! Made by e-bring Designs and priced at L$90, a skiing version is also available.

6. Christmas Panda Dog

christmas panda dog 3What, you don’t have a Christmas Panda Dog already? This happy, rather cheesy animated little fellow will cheer you up wherever you go (because he follows you) with his rotating Merry Christmas message. He or she is one of several eager holiday-themed pets offered at NARUHO-DO for free.

7. Snowman Bikini

Snowman bikini 2Perfect if you winter in Hawaii, or find you just don’t feel the cold that much in Second Life. This bikini also comes in other Christmas motifs, including Rudolph and Christmas Pudding, so you can express your holiday self to the world! Fierce Designs, L$49.

8. Asylum Antlers

asylum_antlers 3

If you must wear reindeer antlers this holiday season, these earthy, almost decorated antlers from Half-Deer at L$95 will give you that authentic Rudolph ambiance, and the package includes light and dark versions to match your festive wear.

9. Blue Christmas Outfit 

Blue christmas outfit 2

OK, those knit reindeer seasonal sweaters that your parents give you for Christmas can be a challenge, but I love this wintery blue dress and mesh cardie that goes from snowball fight to hockey buffet. Or it’s just a fun winter splurge. L$180, Pretence. Mesh boots by Coco Designs (group gift). Skin by Huit.

10. Huge Snow Globe

Huge snow globe 2

Sooo some of the above photos were taken inside the tenth Xmas pick, the Huge Snow Globe, a fairly ridiculous item that retails on Marketplace for a whopping L$1. Downside: there is no obvious way to get inside it and set up the ice rink for your skating penguin (but I figured it out). Upside: it is a Huge Snow Globe!

Have fun and happy holidays. 🙂

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