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Second Life Winter: Woolies to Keep You Warm and Warm Your Heart

By Rhezz.

Winter is coming! Up here in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, we are stoking our fireplaces and bringing out the mittens, fuzzy socks, cardigan sweaters and cashmere blankets (if only, on that one). And just in time for the chill season, BoHo HoBo is introducing a new line of mesh woollies to keep us warm.

BoHo is the brainchild of artist Trill Zapatero, and as the name suggests, the collection features colorful funky/bohemian outfits of all kinds. Proceeds support RAWA, an organization promoting the education, health and safety of women in Afghanistan. So when you purchase a soft woolen sweater to warm your pixel back, you are directly helping some of the most vulnerable women in the world. Well done, you!

And here is a sampling:

If you don’t think this patchwork cardigan from BoHo (right) is the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a long time, you must have a heart of stone. Teamed with a BoHo mesh teal scarf and skinny jeans, and freebie sD knit gloves, this combo ensures you are ready for a brisk December walk in the virtual park with your best friend. (All links and credits appear at the end of the article.)

Don’t you love these punktastic Bohemian Punk mesh jeans (below, left)? I also like that I can squeeze into a size XS, unlike in the harsh real world. 🙂 The scarf is BoHo’s mesh rainbow stripes, and that cool (which is to say, warm) fur trapper hat is one of the group gifts from Coco Designs.

Because of the NHL strike, I’m forced to venture outside and watch the neighborhood kids play street hockey… If only I had this BoHo evergreen cowl sweater (above, right) to keep me toasty warm in real life! Never mind, it will keep me cozy and comfy in any pixel weather, along with the furry ear muffs from Envious; and the sD wool gloves (I am liking the green/purple combination). The beautiful mesh scarf is BoHo’s sarisilk, and the jeans are mesh skinny black, also from the new collection. And check out the BoHo mesh shoulder bag—it’s roomy enough to stow my flask of…um…hot cocoa!

The BoHo rigged mesh knit sweaters come in all sizes and many colors and textures, and are reasonably priced at $L190. The mesh scarves are L$120 and come in two sizes; the mesh skinny jeans are L$180 and the beautifully detailed mesh shoulder bags come with animation and are L$170. Trill also includes all the sizing information you might need with your purchase. Remember that every dollar counts; every contribution makes a difference in the lives of the women and girls that Trill works so hard to help.

The pretty-in-pink skin, by the way, is called Twiggy and is the current group gift (at L$1) at Akeruka. I love it!

Mesh sweaters, jeans, scarves and shoulder bags:
BoHo HoBo

Wool gloves set of 4:
Sindecade on Marketplace

Fur Trapper Hat (Group gift):
Coco Designs

Ear muffs (part of Winter Classic outfit):

Akeruka Group gift skin, Twiggy:


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