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Cat Questionnaire: Dixmix Source

Belgian artist Dixmix Source dares to answer Cat’s 14 leading questions.

SL age: 5 years
SL activity: Art photographer/ BOSL & ICON photographer; curator of Dixmix Gallerie; curator of the new Pixel Panic Gallerie
RL location: Belgium
In-your-own-words bio: When I rezzed I thought SL was a chat forum and then I discovered this new media, with many creators. As I am an RL artist (director, photographer, musician) SL is an extension of my artistic life.

1. What in SL has brought you the most happiness?
Having friends from all over the world.

2. What has given you the most sadness?
When one of my friends came back after a long silence just to tell us she was dying and would not do it here… I still have her in my list… even though I know she will never return.

4. Who in SL do you admire most?
3. How would you describe your home in SL?
Black and red, with some art bought from other creators.

The people who did it first, the pioneers — the first house, first sim, first outfit… I like to think about that… of those original things.

5. What character trait do you have in SL that is furthest from your RL personality?
Maybe I’m more patient in SL.

6. Which character trait did you leave behind in RL?
I’m flying very well in SL.

7. What is your weakness when it comes to spending your Linden dollars?
Drugs… I should say flight tickets too but drugs are better.

8. What is your favorite place in Second Life, and why?
I like many places — sims, galleries, stores, areas. I really like to explore but I won’t reveal my favorite secret place. I will keep it to myself because I really like that it’s not a well- known place.

9. What scares you the most in (or about) Second Life?
Drama and having more than 10 IMs at the same time, then to crash and come back ruthed!

10. What is your secret pleasure in SL?
Yes — her name is… “secret”.

11. What would it take to drive you out of Second Life?
A third life, maybe.

12. What one word would you use to describe the art community in SL?

13. What are you most proud of in SL?
My next exhibition.

14. If you built a sim from scratch with unlimited resources, what would it be called?
Land of Jah.

Dixmix Gallery

Interrogator and photographer: Cat Boccaccio
Originally published in rez magazine, April, 2012.


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