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Let’s Have Some Fun with Second Life Skin + Makeup

By Rhezz.

With the vast array of add-on makeups available–lip colors, eyeshadows, blush and so on–in a range of prices, this frugal shopper wondered if it was possible to have a delicious variety of looks on a tight budget.

You need to start with a reasonably-priced natural skin; i.e. natural lips and no eye makeup. For this I picked Cat Boccaccio’s Enique (a modifiable shape with skin included, and, full disclosure, sold by the editor of this magazine).

Then check out the makeup freebies and hunt prizes at the shops of Second Life and online at Marketplace. Shop inworld if you can (though I appreciate some promos are only available at Marketplace).

I found four inexpensive makeup packs that I played with to get the results shown below (all the links are at the end of the article). The most pricey of these was the CoG Design Face Studio, at L$100, which contains about 60 items, including eyes, shadow, lip gloss, and prim lashes. As expected, I didn’t like all the elements of the pack–will not use any of the lip treatments, for example–but the parts I did like made the purchase worthwhile. The “eyes have it” in Face Studio–of the 15 included in the pack, most are clear and bright and the multis are especially lovely.

Look for the Cupcakes–part of the Charming Hunt

Ricielli has a fantastic “Charming Hunt” on at the moment, and the delectable cupcakes scattered throughout the store have $15 goodies like mesh clothing, a skin, and makeups inside. I picked up the Expressive Makeups nine eyeshadow treatments.

I really liked the four Fruity Lip Stains (by CS Shapes) that are a dollar on Marketplace, and the $2 Glamorize Cheeky Lips pack includes 20 mostly-usable lip colors.

So I had some fun, and whiled away my SL time putting together some looks, a sampling of which follows:

First, the plain base, the lovely Enique, upon whom the mix and match magic is applied. The eyes are CoG Ocean Blue:

One of my favorite looks (I’m into pink at the moment) is this combination of the Hibiscus Gloss Fruity Lip Stain with the Ricielli blush-toned Eyeshadow (06), with CoG Dark Green eyes:

Orange is trending! Try the lightly parted Cheeky Lips (16) from the Glamorize pack and the Ricielli Eyeshadow (04). Here I also added some light freckles and blush from the CoG pack, as well as their beautiful Red/Grey eyes:

Lastly, Enique is feeling blue in her Fruity Lip Stain, in Blueberry, teamed up with CoG eyeshadows Ice Lilac and Ice Blue, and CoG prim lashes and Dark Blue eyes:

As always, look for value but remember you often get precisely what you pay for–but it is hard to hold a grudge against a disappointing cheapie. Move on and try again. The great creators of Second Life continue to offer top quality items for next to nothing so that we can sample their wares and come back for more. I know I’m going back to check out the shops of the promo items I loved.

Happy shopping and have fun!

CoG Face Studio on Marketplace

Ricielli Inworld

CS Shapes Inworld 
Fruity Lip Stains on Marketplace 

Glamorize Inworld
Glamorize Cheeky Lips on Marketplace

:body love: Shapes Inworld
:body love: Shapes on Marketplace

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