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Marketplace vs. Inworld Shopping: A Reminder

By slum magazine’s intrepid shopper, Rhezz.

The other day I saw a very sweet fatpack of casual knit mesh dresses while browsing SL Marketplace; a mere L$49 for 12 textured dresses, boots in 12 colors and a necklace in 4 textures. I could buy the demo for free from Marketplace, but I saw they had an inworld store so, off I went. Why? Well, have you ever noticed how many Marketplace items or stores are obsolete? How many times have you had to chase down a creator for redelivery or refund from a Marketplace fail-to-deliver? For me, one or the other happens about half the time, so if I have the inworld option I generally like to check out the store.

And let’s remember, Second Life is more than a changing room for our barbie doll selves. Let’s build and do commerce in our virtual world, and make the creator’s investment in tier and expenses worthwhile—and don’t forget that the retailer pays no commission to LL for an item purchased inworld. All our L$49 purchases add up to reward the creators for their hard work. Let’s contribute to our community!

As for the adorable fatpack, was it too good to be true? Not at all—I found several of the textures quite charming, the mesh is mostly wearable, and I will wear the boots (in black, anyway, since I don’t tend to go matchy matchy with casual clothes). For the price, I think it’s a great deal, and of course you can try the demo and see if you agree. There are several other mesh fatpack outfits from the same creator that are also worth checking out.

The Alexandra Outfit, from To Be Unique, is L$49 and includes:
~~Rigged Mesh Dress in 12 textures and 5 sizes (xs-s-m-l-xl)
~~Mesh boots in 12 colors and 3 sizes (xxs/xs-s/m-l/xl)
~~Sculpt necklace, earrings and rings 4 textures (with resize menu)
~~Change textures HUD for dress, boots and jewelry

Visit the To Be Unique inworld shop.

Submitted to slum magazine by Rhezz. “I have a  taste for the finer things in my virtual life, and have faith in the content creators of Second Life to ensure we don’t need to be wealthy to look good.”
Skin: group gift from Aeva.


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2 comments on “Marketplace vs. Inworld Shopping: A Reminder

  1. Quan Lavender
    November 9, 2012

    LOL, you TP leads to the male shop. This is the right link:


  2. Cat Boccaccio
    November 10, 2012

    Thanks Quan! I’ll fix it. And congrats on winning a Readers’ Choice slot over at New World Notes!


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