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Second Life’s 1%

Second Life’s Lost 1600 Private Sim Owners Since 2010; But 500 Land Barons — SL’s 1% — Own Most of What Remains

By Hamlet Au

Second Life has lost about 1600 private sim owners since June 2010, leading SL data analyst Tyche Shepherd of Grid Survey tells me — that month, just over two years ago, there were roughly 6450 individual private estate owners. Now, she reports, based on her careful analysis of the world (and just posted on SL Universe), only 4850 remain. “This represents a 25% fall in total number of unique private estate owners over 2 1/4 years,” she notes, “in the same time the number of private regions fell 14% from 25,446 to 21,781.” What’s more, she adds, “50% of the known owners in June 2010 are no longer owners in September 2012.”

Notably, while Linden Lab has lost lots of sim owners, the top land barons still own about three-fourths of the remaining private estate land mass. Last year, the top 500 barons owned 73% of the total. That ownership of Second Life’s 1% elite (so to speak), has grown slightly. As Tyche tells it:

  • Top 10 own 27%
  • Top 20 own 36%
  • Top 100 own 58%
  • Top 200 own 66%
  • Top 500 own 76%

This is particularly relevant to a discussion we were having last week, on whether sim tier prices can be cut. While hundreds of thousands use Second Life every month, and thousands of individuals still pay for private land, it’s important to keep in mind thatonly 500 people really keep Linden Lab afloat. (Interesting that less than 1% of Second Life land owners control 75% of SL’s private land. Time for an Occupy SL movement?)

Continue reading about these calculations on New World Notes.


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2 comments on “Second Life’s 1%

  1. Azlyn Slade (@AzlynSlade)
    September 28, 2012

    It’s true. Just do a simple search for estate land and you’ll soon discover that most is owned by five or six main companies. Mainland is still my favorite choice and today, unlike in 2007 when I signed up, you have many affordable choice plots to purchase.


  2. slummagazine
    October 4, 2012

    Hi Azlyn. Yes, there have been so many discussions about land prices etc. on the blogs and in the forums. Almost as many ideas and answers as there are questions. I rent land, but would likely buy if it was more affordable… maybe will have a look around the mainland…. 🙂


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