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Who’s That Gorgeous Girl? 6 FREE Skins

By Rhezz

If you have been in Second Life for any length of time, you will have noticed some significant changes over the years. Aside from the infuriating and mysterious Linden Lab adventures (please god, help me survive Viewer 2 and the horrible, worsening lag), you will have noticed that your fellow residents have evolved rather drastically. Remember when we all had system skins? No? Well, count yourself lucky. But our avatar appearance, especially skin and hair, have developed in realism and sophistication to the point where we are all flipping gorgeous, or at least we could be.

And for the ladies, at least, it’s not necessary to have an unlimited line of credit in order to slip into a detailed, sumptuous skin. I found 6 –yes six – good, free skins on my one day, personal hunt. The criteria? The pickiest skin shopper I know (me) would actually wear these skins in public, and on a date, and feel fantastic doing it. I asked for help from a group of skin maniacs, and they provided the names of shops who had free group membership and offered skins as group gifts. For consistency, I wore the same shape in all the pictures. The hair in the photographs is the group gift, Belinda, from Zero Style– 24 colors in the pack. The eyes are a group gift from Amacci.

Not all the skins I scooped up were of the high quality I was looking for, but here are 6 free skins that fit the bill.

First of all, my favorite, from Mojo. Phoebe is youthful yet sophisticated, and I would happily wear this soft, darker-toned skin anywhere in Second Life.

Phoebe by Mojo

Modish skins are dazzling and meticulously crafted. UPDATE: I’m not sure if Murra is still available, but the sumptuous Meanie Mo is currently available as the September group gift. Don’t miss out!

Murra (left) and Meanie Mo, by Modish

Next up is extra-special, because for the month of September the skin creator Aeva is waiving the usual group membership fee. So you can pick up the elegant Selene, as well as other offerings, for free. I love the berry-colored eye shadow on this one.

Selene by Aeva

Not Button’s has a wide selection of skins that are simply free, no group tag needed. Here is the fresh-faced Nevaeh, rosy-cheeked and with a subtle dusting of freckles:

Nevaeh by Not Buttons

And for something sexy and luscious, pick up the Not Button’s group gift (this month, free birthday gift too), Alanya. Especially yummy are the coral lips and the eyeliner styling.

Alanya by Not Buttons

Last but by no means least, Al Vulo brings us Tabata “Hippie” in bronze. A lovely warm skintone, soft shading and a fun peace tattoo make this skin really stand out.

Tabata by Al Vulo

I’m not sure how long these group gifts will be available, or how long the memberships will continue to be free. Things change quickly (even during the past few days) so if you are interested, do hop a cab and check out the shops as soon as you can.

And show your love to these most talented and generous skin creators by returning with friends – and cash to spend!

Who is Rhezz?
I’m Rhezz Resident… yes, Linden Lab ran out of names before I could sign up for my shopaholic account here in Second Life. I am rather obsessed with avatar appearance… skin and hair and shape mostly, but I do love to dress up as well. The thing is, I am on a tight budget, not because I am poor, but for two good reasons:
1) I believe you can put together a fine looking avatar spending very little or nothing, and
2) What I save on skin and hair and duds, I can spend on my home, or my other SL obsessions (currently art and gadgets). And of course, I will also be able to splurge on that special skin I’ve been craving, the one that will never be discounted, that I stumbled upon while picking up a group gift at the skin shop.

So if you share my taste for the finer things in life, and have faith in the content creators of Second Life to ensure we don’t need to be wealthy to look good, or if you are a noob who hasn’t made your first million, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey, and maybe even learn something.

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