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“Our dreams are a second life.” ~Gerard de Nerval

In case you missed it: Cat Questionnaire: RAG Randt

Artist RAG Randt was the first to dare to answer Cat Boccaccio’s 14 intriguing questions.

rag cat questionnaire 1















Name: RAG Randt
SL age: Born December 2008
SL activity: Creating Things and making friends
RL location: Boston MA
In-your-own-words bio: Born in 1956. Was interested in Science and architecture as a kid. When I got to college I realized I wanted to train formally in art as I always enjoyed drawing. I discovered I could apply my science problem solving interests to art through illustration and never looked back. Well I looked back but I didn’t touch anything.

1. What in SL has brought you the most happiness?
Discovering love in SL and the global network of friends.

2. What has given you the most sadness?
Love in SL

3. How would you describe your home in SL?
It’s my working space studio. One day, when I am SL rich, I will buy land and a house.

4. Who in SL do you admire most?
My artistic heroes atm are Claudia222 and Bryn Oh.

5. What character trait in SL is furthest from your RL personality?

6. Which character trait did you leave behind in RL?
My physical good looks.

7. What is your weakness when it comes to spending your Linden dollars?
Courses for making mesh and sculpties and sculpt maker things.

8. What is your favorite place in Second Life, and why?
Tempura Japan Island has been one of the best builds ever. I never tire of the place.

9. What scares you the most in (or about) Second Life?
The time I spend there!

10. What is your secret pleasure in SL?
I would tell you but i would have to de-rez you.

11. What would it take to drive you out of Second Life?
Computer failure.

12. What one word would you use to describe the art community in SL?

13. What are you most proud of in SL?
My hair.

14. If you built a sim from scratch with unlimited resources, what would it be called?

From rez magazine, September, 2011
Cat Boccaccio, interrogator and photographer.


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