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Free eBook: Introduction to Blender

The notoriously un-intuitive and scantily documented Blender is a program popular with some SL residents for creating sculpties. Now there is a free ebook available for download, specifically for beginners, which just might help make it more accessible.

Blender Book Cover-An Introduction To Blender3D -John M BlainThough it is not written for Second Lifers, there are online tutorials (for example, this one) available to direct you to the features of this software that are specific to SL.

Available as a free PDF download for Windows users, the book is available on BlenderWiki, the wiki site that acts as the online documentation for Blender.  An Introduction to Blender is 305 pages long and covers all the major topics on Blender from version 2.54 and up.

The download is available here.



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One comment on “Free eBook: Introduction to Blender

  1. Tom Jackson
    September 2, 2012

    Nice work, Thanks


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