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A la carte versus buffet virtual world pricing

By by Ener Hax, iliveisl blog

many people like payment models that are easy to understand such as $40 a month for broadband service – a set price whether you use one or 20 hours a day

like a restaurant – there are a la carte places and all-you-can-choke-down buffets. with an a la carte menu, you pay only for the things you order and a buffet lets you eat as much as you want for one price. for some people a buffet is a great deal and for others, a buffet is very expensive because they don’t eat much

Second Life and our OpenSim provider use the buffet model – a fixed monthly rate

Kitely reframes how we pay for virtual world use and provides a contemporary alternative using efficient cloud hosting. i would venture to say that any of you reading this blog already know about Kitely and have looked at their pricing

for $20 a month you can have 10 separate regions and 120 hours! that’s nearly 30 hours a week and would be more than enough for me as an individual

Kitely does not support multi-region worlds yet (like the 16 region grid of Enclave Harbour) but Ilan from Kitely tells me they will at some point in the future

how would that work for something like Enclave Harbour – a 16 region grid?

with our current buffet model, we pay a set amount of $160 regardless of how much use we have (or will have). we are limited by hardware and, in theory, could have 40+ people on 24/7. but . . . in reality, we would be very happy to see 60 students a week with each spending two hours doing activities

so what would that cost us via Kitely?

their Gold Plan is $35 a month and would allow one of us unlimited time in-world plus cover up to 35 20 regions (we could run two copies of Enclave Harbour)

60 students at two hours each per week comes out to 516 user hours per month. with Kitely, you could charge the visitor or pay for it yourself and this example would be about $103 per month plus the $35 for a total of $138

when Kitely implements multi-region, it could be a attractive option for Enclave Harbour (Kitely also scales up CPU and RAM as concurrency increases). i doubt that we would abandon our current set-up because it offers 100% control of our offering, but having a Kitely option might help more students access our activities. i think of it like having this blog which also gets placed on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – all of which are different “channels”

i could envision facebook groups of homeschooled students and parents organizing field trips and logging in with their fb credentials

Kitely mixes it up with their cloud hosting and pay-as-you play pricing. i wish them well and offer my continued thanks for all the excellent code they contribute directly to OpenSim development =)

iliveisl, July 27, 2012


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