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Knobs Slade answers Cat Questionnaire

Musician and writer Knobs Slade dares to answer Cat’s 14 leading questions.

SL age: 5 years+
SL activity:
Musician, landlord, philanthropist, writer, promoter
RL location:
Austin, TX
In-your-own-words bio:
In RL I’m a scientist by day (miniaturized probes and nanotechnology), by night a starving musician. My current band, Telling Stories, has two albums out and we play both in RL and in SL. I’ve also written a novel you may have read.

1. What in Second Life has brought you the most happiness?
Meeting wonderful people of all ages and from all walks of life, and slexing them. Just kidding about the slexing part. 🙂 Also wonderful to perform music in SL.

2. What has given you the most sadness?
Realizing through SL how many people are just barely hanging in there in RL, whether due to illness, emotional distress, or financial hardship. So many lonely people. Often I feel like a small piece of floating wood with hundreds of drowning people clinging desperately to me. 😦

3. How would you describe your home in SL?
I was a wanderer for a long time, now I own two large parks. One is a music venue and artist commune, the other is, well, a romantic island. I like to create places for others to enjoy. 🙂

4. Who in SL do you admire most?
I admire Samson Walpole (who is probably the best builder in SL), Mira Aljon (my partner, and an amazing human being), and Voodoo Chilton, a wonderful musician and performer. I also admire all the amazingly talented creators of skins, clothing, and devices that make SL head and shoulders above all the other virtual worlds.

5. What character trait do you have in Second Life that is furthest from your RL personality?
I’m afraid I’m a dreadful womanizer in SL, which I once was in RL (though not since grad school). I do have several alts and I try to build a different personality for each. I even go so far as to develop a “treatment” for each alt which means a different RL story, different vocabulary, different way of thinking. I suppose all of them are to some extent an exaggeration of some part of my RL self.

6. Which character trait did you leave behind in RL?
Fear and negativity. SL is a wonderful place to experiment with yourself. If you pay attention, what you learn here can serve as a basis for some positive changes in your RL. {See links at the end of this interview.]

7. What is your weakness when it comes to spending your Linden dollars?
My parks. I spend way too much on philanthropy. I just love seeing people enjoy parks and festivals I’ve created. My inventory is 25,000+ items, and most are rocks, dirt, trees, and flowers.

8. What is your favorite place in Second Life, and why?
I’m mostly a homebody these days, hanging out in one of my parks. When I do go out, it’s likely to another park (Botanical Gardens is my all time fave) or to a blues club (Riverside, HotLanta, Crossroads, etc) or to a nude beach. I like nude beaches in RL.

9. What scares you the most in (or about) Second Life?
Nothing scares me about SL, that’s the beauty of it. Things get too bad, you just click the little x up top. After my book came out I had some stalkers, but so far the only people who have hopped over from my SL to my RL have all been very cool. 🙂

10. What is your secret pleasure in SL?
Lonely people seem to be drawn to me. When I have more than 15 active IMs, I can’t handle it anymore and usually log off. But I guess I must like it on some level to do it, so I guess it’s my secret pleasure, even secret from myself. I do like to help people find their heart and courage again.

11. What would it take to drive you out of Second Life?

 I’m pretty addicted. I find time for SL even when I’m travelling, and even when I only have dial-up access. I guess if my RLspouse put her foot down and said it was divorce or delete SL (as happened with one of my SL friends), I’d give up Second Life. I wouldn’t be happy though.

12. What one word would you use to describe the art community in SL?
The Future.
I mostly know about the musical art community rather than the visual arts. There are some amazing musicians in SL playing their hearts out night after night to a global audience that would never hear them otherwise. Sometimes the musicians even collaborate via dual streaming with artists on the other side of the world. This amazes me about SL, that one can experience wonderful art (music and visual) from our own living room. Given the current trend of people being reluctant to leave their homes for entertainment, this may be the future of music and of art in general.

14. If you built a sim from scratch with unlimited resources, what would it be called?
13. What are you most proud of in SL? I guess I’m proud to have helped so many people here believe in themselves again, after they’ve not for such a very long time. I’m a very positive person, and I love people. I love them all, and I remind them that they’re worth loving and to love themselves.

Telling Stories, after my band name and my park. Life is about accumulating wonderful stories, and passing them on to others, encouraging them to collect their own. All art, whether music or visual, tells a collaborative story between the artist and the audience. That’s what I’d do with my sim, make it a place where that happens constantly.

Telling Stories Park music venue
Telling Stories band website

Online version of Knobs’ novel

Originally published in rez magazine.
Cat Boccaccio, interrogator and photographer


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One comment on “Knobs Slade answers Cat Questionnaire

  1. Saucehead
    October 23, 2015

    Is this the same Knobs Slade that now has a sex house, where people are ejected for not having enough sex? Or has someone stolen his name?


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