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Free and Proud

by Blaise Joshua

Everybody loves a freebie.

I love freebies, you love freebies, and astute creators in SL love making freebies and giving them away … for free!

It needn’t be like this.

It’s a win-win situation for all concerned. Once someone is familiar with the workings of SL, there is no reason why anyone need look like a noob. There is a wealth of high quality items out there, waiting for you to pick them up in hunts, on Marketplace, and through group and store gifts. The range is so great, and the quality so high, that you needn’t be restricted in terms of your look or style either. You can still exercise creative control over yourself, and have a great time doing it.

For designers and creators, offering selective but high quality freebies is a great way to get their products out there and known. How many times do we stand in shops, staring at some beautiful but expensive product in an advert, but we can’t overcome the nagging doubt that the actual item might not be as high quality as the photo in the ad (possibly edited?) suggests? When we have a quality freebie from that store, we have confidence in that store’s products, and to the mutual benefit of all concerned, we’re more willing to part with our lindens.

As consumers, I strongly believe that we should express our gratitude when we’re the beneficiary of a good, high-quality freebie. Go back to that shop and explore their other products. Tell your friends where you got the item so that they can go to that shop too. Doing so will propagate a cycle that’s great for everyone. Business is generated for the creators, and more business for them means more enjoyment for us, as the consumers of their wonderful works.

How to Find Good Freebies:

Ingredients: 100% Freebies

~Hunt, Hunt, Hunt! There are a number of hunts that offer great men’s and unisex products. See my earlier blog ‘A Cunning Hunt’ for reasons why you should be doing them.

~Be a Groupie. Individual shops often offer gifts for members of their group. This gives you a taste of the quality and so the standard is often very high.

~Social Networking. Tell your friends when you find a good source of freebies and gifts. When they find the same, they’ll reciprocate.

~Marketplace. When searching on SL Marketplace, you can select the order that items are listed in the drop down menu called “Sort By” on the upper right of the screen. Select “Price: Low to High” and you’ll find a treasure trove of free items.

~Blogs.Read ’em! I particularly recommend (ahem! … don’t follow that link). There are also blogs specifically written on the subject of finding gifts and freebies. Have a look at Freebies and Dollarbies in Second Life.

What To Do With Freebies:

~Be Selective. Yes, there’s amazing stuff out there, but there’s also … well … stuff of not such a high quality. If you dress in freebies, there’s no reason for you to actually look like you dress in freebies.

~Be Nice. It’s a freebie. It’s free. You didn’t pay for it. So don’t waste your time whinging and complaining to the creator if it’s not that great. Move on and spend that energy on finding the good stuff!

~Be Proud. When someone admires something you’re wearing, there’s no shame in telling them that it’s a freebie and where you got it.

~Be Appreciative. Thank the creators for any good items you receive, and particularly express that thanks by going back to their shop and taking the time to peruse their wares with the new found confidence that you’re dealing with a quality creator.

~Have Fun and Look Great! : o )

Republished from Every Second Man – For the men of Second Life


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